Today my dream is going to be true”. Today I am so happy. I would like to thank IT America. They gave me lot of knowledge and guided me through each and every subject step by step, helped me in all stages of the process to get the job in IT. I also like to thank all the staff of IT America. The Training is great. The method they follow is also good. I enjoyed a lot and learned a lot. Here very one is very helpful.

Thank you all so much.


It was great experience with IT America. I enjoyed a lot during my training period. It was not hard at all because all the trainers helped me learn the subjects easier with notes, labs and hands on training. The trainers took time to help me out in preparing for interviews. I feel very lucky to have family like IT America. I am very happy and excited to say thank you all.


It was great experience with IT America. Training given by ITA was helpful and will be helpful in future. I am thankful to IT America for getting me a job. I would like to personally thank the IT America management who helped me till the end of my interview. Once again Thank you IT America for all the support and guidance.


Happy to be with IT America. Especially the people of IT America takes good care. I thank all the staff for helping me throughout the training period. Overall I am with IT America and will be with IT America and hope my relation with IT America and people o IT America lasts longer. I soundly believe, I made a good decision by choosing IT America.


Joining to ITA is by far the best decision that I have made in my career life. ITA is not just another IT consultancy but it is a door to opportunities and challenges. I’m very glad that I came to ITA, met so many friends and became a part of its family.

One of the best part of ITA was about a quality training that I got from my trainer. I would personally like to thank him for everything that he has done to nail the interviews with out his consistent help, I would not end up on the job. I am lucky to be his student.

I am looking forward to take a great move in my career. Once again, words are not enough to express my gratitude to ITA and to all the trainers. Good luck every one.


Joining ITA was one of the best decision I made. I am thankful to ITA for helping me get this opportunity to start a new carrier. Special thanks to all the trainers for guiding me during my training. I am also great full to the other staff members of ITA who have helped me in this journey. I made a lot of friends here and learned a lot from them. I will always cherish all the friendships and experiences I gathered in ITA.

I hope to give my best to the opportunity I got.

Best Wishes.


“A dream doesn’t become realty through magic. It takes sweet determination and hard work” – Colin Powell.

My days in IT America was the best episode in my life, yes I mean what I say. IT America not only gave me the technical training but also gave the courage to face the whole world in a different angle.

For every minute I spent in IT America, I thank the entire team of ITA.


I would like to share my experience with IT America. Even after doing 2 masters I was not sure in which direction I want to go. With computer science background, I always thought working as a programmer is that only job profile with a good scope. But I was not keen to go in that direction, I was confused and low at confidence.

I knew IT America does exist and had a very good personal review from one of my friend who had worked here earlier. I came to ITA and the manager whom I met took time to explain to me about Data Analyst training program. I did my own research and I was sure to go in that direction.

After 2 months of training and few weeks of mentoring I was confident enough to get a project and survive there. Thanks to all the trainers for training me and for being my mentors and helping me even with small little things which helped me improve my confidence and communications skills. My special thanks to my mother for being patient and for such a hard work to make it happen. I also made so many good friends with whom I can share my work related experience.

Thank you all.


I am really not sure how to start but I still remember how I decided to come to ITA. My decision of joining ITA was rapid and I did not have any such thought out that very moment. I spoke with one manager and decided to move to the quest immediately by the weekend. But after I came here, I had this sudden rush of feeling like I was in some kind of panic attack, with those feeling hidden in me, I came and meat all these trainers and they put me in the right path.

Then once I realized that everything fell in place and it’s been only 2 months since I came here but Now I am going to another place with a job in my hand.

I thank each and every trainer who helped me in the learning, preparing for interview and mentoring process.

I whole heartedly thank the entire for team helping me finding my feet.

Thank you and best wishes.


I had a wonderful experience at ITA. The best part was I got a job within a month after training. Great team, good instructor and the company is well organized. Thanks you ITA.


I am glad I’ve found IT America and got a job finally. People here are really supportive and nice.

Hope to keep this good relation with IT America going into the future. Special thanks to my mentors, they have worked hard for me. Finally, special thanks to all the trainers and the other staff here at IT America.


Thank you all staff members of IT America who supported me to get a job. All staff members are very supportive. When I came to IT America without any knowledge of IT field, I was very tense that if I would be able to achieve my goal. However, with IT Americas support I achieved my goal. My special thanks to my mentors. Thanks you all once again for the help and support.